Wednesday, August 25, 2010

August 25 New dr day

Mom went to see the rheumatologyst(?) today. She was nice and thinks it may be gout. Learn new things almost every day. Gout is a form of arthritis, never knew that. If it is gout it means her kidneys are not working which is probably from the chemo. A change of diet will help. No red meat and less carbs,no shell fish and no high fat fish, like salmon and no high frutose corn syrup. Hummm. Interesting.

The pill saga I think has been solved for now. I just called the pharmacy and they had the refill for the 180mgs Diavon but it was on hold. After telling them that the dr made a mistake they call Tricare and they approved it being filled.

Tomorrow is chemo. The dr we saw today is hoping the meds mom has tomorrow will help her hand for at least a week and that will give them time to figure out what is causing the swelling and pain.

I am really starting to slow down. I actually had a very small anxiety attack today on the way to the drs. I praise God I knew what it was and was able to call on Him and take some deep breaths and get through it quickly. I have to hang on to God more and more every day.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Aug 18 The Fun Never Ends

Well the med saga continues. I found out the drs office called the prescriptions into Walgreens instead of CVS. Walgreens filled them so CVS couldn't so CVS had to call them. We picked them up on the way home from the oral surgeon. When I got home one of the pills was the wrong mg and no refills and her sleeping pill was filled with only 15 pills and no refills. I called yesterday to ask what was going on and spoke to the nurse. She was supposed to get everything fixed but never got a call back from them. This is also going to cost an additional $25 to get the right refills. Just DON'T understand why this is so hard.

I phone the oral surgeon first thing Monday and they asked if we could come in right then. So mom didn't get breakfast and we headed out the door. He said he would pull it depending on her coumndin levels. We went in first thing on Tuesday and had the results by 12:30. Her levels were great for getting the tooth pulled. They scheduled it for 8am Wednesday. Mom was none too happy as he was in the Rockledge (about an hour drive) office today which meant we had to get up at 6:45am.

Last night we had our Parents Orientation for work I got home around 9pm. The day was so crazy trying to get moms pills fixed, getting blood work, trying to schedule her tooth pulling and rescheduling her oncologyst visit and getting everything ready for the meeting I was exausted but wound-up when I got home. I "thought" I had taken my sleeping pill. I did some work and went to bed at 11pm, at 2am I think I finally got to sleep. When I got up this morning there sat my sleeping pill??? Am I going crazy or what???

Mom didn't sleep much last night either as she kept checking her clock. Guess she didn't think I would get up on time, lol. We got to the oral surgeon about 8 minutes early and they didn't open the door until 8. We sat there for about 15 minutes before they got her. They took her blood pressure and it was 160/108. They let her sit and watch tv for a while and it finally came down to 140/102 and the dentist said it was OK. God's grace poured down. They had me leave the room and it was only about 15 minutes and she was done. We left the house at 7am and was home at 10am. She has been sleeping off and on. I have been working since I got home and its almost 1pm.

I still haven't heard from the drs office about her meds but just can't deal with that today. At least she has some pills to get her through the next 15 days. I was going to switch to this dr but guess I sure won't now. I only need a dr to refill my sleeping pills right now so don't know what I will do. Guess I could stay with the old dr we left but don't know if he will refill my pills if I don't go in and get my blood work done. Guess I could try and go without them.....

Tomorrow is mom's monthly visit with the oncologyst. Oh forgot that her blood count was back up, yeah.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

August 15, Birthday tomorrow

Mom had her blood checked Tuesday afternoon and we got the call on Wednesday that her blood count was down to 213 and we needed to up her coumdin to 1.5mgs. She has been VERY tired but the pain in her body has subsided. She has been walking without her walker saying that she is trying to get stronger. I am concerned that she might fall.

My uncle and his wife from S.C. came and visited mom on Wednesday for about 2 hours. She was really tired after that and slept for a while.

Her new gp's office is just as bad as the other drs. I phoned Friday to ask why they hadn't referred her to a rheumitologist(?) yet and they said there was a note in her chart saying I would call when we want referred.I also asked them to call in two refills and they never did. So I have to call them first thing tomorrow. Her pointer finger is beginning to hurt now along with her thumb. I am still not sure its not nureopthy(?). They called back and said she has an appt on the 25th. I called the rheum. office and asked if she could get in sooner as the 26th is her next chemo. They said they would call if they have a cancellation.

This evening she went in to brush her teeth and came out with part of her tooth in a cup. This tooth was causing her problems before she was diagnosed with cancer but hadn't given her any pain since. I called the oncologyist and they said to stop taking the coumdin and call the dentist in the morning. I need to make sure they know she is on coumdin and is taking chemo. I don't know if they will want to see her tomorrow or wait. I am a little concerned about her getting an infection so will let them know about that. Bummer because its her birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5

Today was my day for a break down.....

Received a call from the chemo nurse that my mom's INR was high so she does not take her coumadin today and back to 1mg every day. This is different usually after chemo it goes low, weird. Also her white cell count is VERY low. That doesn't usually happen until the 2nd week after chemo. She said it has to be 1500 in order to have chemo and it was 300. Yeah guess it is low. Its funny as I re-read what I just typed and I typed has only been 2 chemos before this so there really isn't a usual is there????

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

August 4 Blood work

Today seemed to be uneventful and mom said she was a little better but asked for a pain pill this morning. We went to the hospital for weekly blood and she said she didn't feel good. She has not had to take a nausea pill for a couple of days and I didn't even think to bring one. One of the pink ladies went to get something in case she threw up and took forever. The check-in lady went and got a plastic tub. The pink lady finally came back with one of those kidney shaped spit things. Why do people think you can throw up in one of those little things. She did OK and didn't throw up but she had said she wanted a hamburger when we left home and just wanted to come home after that. She said she wanted to go to bed so helped her and then gave her a nausea pill.

It has been a week since chemo and she has not made an upturn yet. Guess poision in your systems ain't such a good thing.

A little side note. While we were at the hospital I don't know if someone died or was hurt bad but a lot of young people kept coming in and everyone was crying. When I went to get the car I could hardly park at the front to go in and get mom. As we were walking out a police man came to talk to the mom/wife. I think it was because they were all smoking right there in drop off and pick up. One of the younger ladies was cussing up a storm but the mom/wife was saying to her its just the rules. Boy that was a fun exit. Just a reminder that we NEVER know if we will have a tomorrow. Maybe someone can tell me what "I don't give a .......!" really means.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3

Update on gp. They called yesterday and said they wanted to send my mom to a reumatalogist(?) for her thumb. Right now with everything else going on she doesn't want to go to another new dr. That might change as she starts feeling better. She is still in pain throughout her whole body. Yesterday she said even her scalp hurt. She is taking pain meds but that of course causes other problems.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August 2

Yeah for a little rain. The birds and butterflys sure love it.

It amazes me how people turn their heads at the truth. I had something happen today that just reminded me that people don't want the truth. They want to cover it up, make pretend that it is not looking them in the face. I heard someone talking the other day about being polictically correct. Its so bad that people don't even want to call a pot hole in the road a pot hole but something like concerete stress fracture. That is what they do with God's word the real Truth. God forgive us!!! Forgive me.

Mom is still in pain, she said today even her scalp hurts. I spoke with the chemo nurse and she said the more chemo she has the more side effects she will feel and the longer they will last.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1

Thursday July 29th was the 3rd chemo and it went OK. When mom got home she had quite a few problems but then was OK. She usually has pain in her stomach muscles by the 3rd day but this time it started right away. Today she said she is having pain in her legs. If she still has pain tomorrow I will call the chemo nurse. She hasn't gotten sick this time but trying to keep up with the nausea pills.

Forgot to blog in the last blog that we changed drs. It was OK but spent ALOT of time waiting in the room. They xrayed her thumb and it is not broken but has lots of arthritis. They gave her some meds but they didn't help at all with the pain. The HH nurse called and let the dr know that they weren't helping. When the drs office called they said she could take the pills 3 times a day. I asked them why she would take the pills 3 times a day when they didn't help the pain and just made her sleep. I have decided it REALLY is hard to find a good drs office. Drs offices are businesses now and they are about making money. How sad. We really have lost alot of compassion in this country when it comes to medicine.