Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27

Time sure flys!!! Things here have been great. I have been working more as the beginning of school and sports gets closer.

My mom is doing WONDERFUL. She gets up and generally makes her bed and gets dressed every day. We have been walking almost every night around 7:45, after the sun goes down. Gods grace has been poured down on us. Thank you for all your prayers!!

Today a friend is bringing lunch over and then we will go get blood work done. They will be checking her CA125 today so will have something to compare with the last one http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/ca-125-test/MY00590/DSECTION=results. I don't know if anything will be different. They say if your CA125 is above 35 that you have cancer. Her CA125 was only 17 a month agao so hummm will this tell us anything???

Exciting news!! My nephew wants to be baptized!!! Isn't that great. Please include him in your prayers. He will be going to Az to attend college in approx. 2 weeks. I pray he will find a church family and grow, grow, grow.

Mike and John come home from Ohio tomorrow so that will be nice to have them here with chemo.

I have realized that with chemo nothing is set in stone and pray that this next chemo will be OK. Moms hair keeps slowly falling out and mom is getting anxious about it. I purchased her a scarf but she doesn't use it. The other day she mentioned she wanted a perm......hummmm $45 for something that is falling out. She really doesn't even have enough hair for a perm.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Wow can't believe it has been 8 days since I blogged.

Lets see if I can even remember what all has happened. My mom has actually been doing very well since I last wrote. Her white cell count has been VERY low again which happens the 2nd week after chemo but it hasn't seemed to affect her much this time around.

My brother came into town on the 13th. Everything but a dresser has been either moved, taken back, sold, given away, moved into storage or moved to my place. I must say my house is FILLED to the brim as is my mothers room.

God's grace has abounded in our lives!! God has shown me over and over that His timing is perfect. I received the letter from the dr's office on the 9th, saying mom could not stay by herself. I took it to the apartment complex and they said they would release her the end of the month no additional rent. WOW!! Thank you God. I also received the paperwork to get a handicapped parking permit and got taken care of this past week.

My brother leaves tomorrow afternoon and Tuesday is the monthly appt with the oncologist. We have an appt with a new dr on Tuesday. Most of you know Dr. Weldon. He is an internal medicine dr and I hope this all works well. Her P.T. is finished but the home health care nursing is being extended for another 60 days.

Mom has been taking walks outside the past couple of days so she is exercising right now.

I think I have thought of everything that has happened and if I haven't it must not be important.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10

Today started out very bad, mom said she wanted a nausea pill around 10am as she had thrown up around 11pm last night. She never called me and I didn't hear it on the monitor. The morning was filled with throwing up and other problems. Then around 4pm things turned around. I was really worried about her getting dehydrated. I had Mike go and buy some ginger ale and gave her some and a couple of crackers. Around 5pm she wanted some watermelon. She got up and we watched the last half of the movie "The Tooth Fairy". Around 6:30pm I asked if she wanted to take a walk so we did that and then read some of Hinds Feet on High Places. I asked her if she wanted anything and she said she wanted a cinnamon roll so I gave her a nausea pill and then fixed the rolls. Its 7:35pm and she is still laying on the couch watching t.v. This is the longest she has been up in over a week!!

Just when you think things are on the down slide God steps in and pours his grace out abundantly.

Friday, July 9, 2010

July 9, Day 78

Yesterday was a much better day!! We started out the day with a nausea pill and she ate a great breakfast and all of it. She had PT about 11:30 and did great and even took a walk outside. She slept after that until around 2:30 and then I took some watermelon in to her to eat. She slept again until about 5pm and then wanted spegetti. I gave her a nausea pill before that and she did great!!

We did one day of our bible study around 7pm and at 9pm she took her pills and was out until around 10am this morning and asked for a nausea pill.

I did call the drs office yesterday as I had a call at 8:30am that I missed. I rescheduled her appt for the 20th and they said to take her off her coumdin for 3 days and then lower her dose to 2mg. Of course I didn't think I have enough of her old 1mg left so they called in 2mg. I started going through her huge bag of meds that says DO NOT TAKE and found some 4mg which I could break in half. It is a good thing this med is a very inexpensive med as much as they change it.

Her blood pressure has been low this past week, 100/70. The nurse said it could be because she is not drinking enough. I will have to buy a blood pressure cuff so Mike can start taking her blood pressure. Will have to weigh her today. Last week she was 113. She has lost approx 9lbs since she has been out of the hospital, not good.

Thanks for reading my blogs and keeping us in your prayers!!! Keo

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7

This day didn't start out too fun. My mom was sick this morning. Then I was sitting at the computer, coughed, and my back went out. It is not out out, at least I can get up gingerly and walk but have to be VERY careful or I will be out and not able to function. After that a friend brought me a birthday cake which was WONDERFUL and that is what we had for brunch.

In the afternoon my mom had a bad accident. I was trying to get her cleaned up and the bathroom cleaned up which would have been funny if my back had not hurt so bad. I was down on the floor and couldn't get up to had to crawl to the bath tub pull myself up and then get up from there.

My WONDERFUL husband stopped and got Carabbas for dinner and had a nice dinner together. My mom was supposed to get her blood work done yesterday but felt so yucky that we waited for today. She felt so bad we didn't got until around 3:30. Mike drove us since I couldn't get her walk in and out of the car but at least that is done for the week. She is supposed to have a drs appt on Friday but am going to call tomorrow and see if I can reschedule for next week with my back.

Mom got sick again after getting back from the blood work and gave her another nausea pill. Its 8pm and just gave her some applesauce and crackers to eat. I hope she has a good night.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6, 2010

Sunday Charlene came over while I went home for an hour and got mom's bed made and some picts hung.

Yesterday was move day. Boy there was a lot more to move than I thought. Isn't that the way life is. We think we have it under control and then we finally figure out we don't. God is always in control and I am soooo glad all I have to do is give everything to Him and seek His will. Mike and John came over and took some things like food, clothes and some picts. She likes her room but of course its not her own place. We do like independence don't we.

We were going to get her blood work done today but PT came at about 11:45 and she was tired so we will go tomorrow. Nurse comes between 3-4 today. Her blood pressure was a little low today. I have to look at her notes to remember what her blood pressure did last time. I have realized I have no memory any more. As I told the pt guy, I can react but don't ask me to think.

This will be a busy week as tomorrow will be blood work and Friday is drs apt. She has to see the oncologist between each chemo. It was scheduled for the 16th but got changed to the 9th.

This morning I cleaned the kitchen floor and went out to my garden for a few minutes while she was doing pt. Boy I sure miss working in my garden but now I am tired....Hoping I can get back into somewhat of a routine.

Mom and I have been doing a bible study Seeking Him by Nancy Demoss. It has been a little bit of reading and a video each week. We are still reading Hinds Feet on High Places and a little devotional.

Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2 Friday 2010 Day 71

Lots since I last blogged. Hard to get an internet connection.

Things with her gp went from bad to worse. They would not call in a prescription and then the office told Home Health Care that the dr would not sign off the paperwork because she hadn't been there in 60 days. WHAT!! I had just talked to the office that day.

We did her blood work on Tuesday. Wednesday I got a call from the chemo nurse and they increased her coumdin to 2.5mg now.

Yesterday was a LONG day. We left the house at 10am and got home at 4pm. Her appt was at 10:30am but didn't get started until around 11am. When we arrived home she went right to bed and got up around 7:30pm and ate a little soup that someone dropped off and then went to bed.

She was up appox. 10 times last night so neither of us got much sleep. At 8am I finally got up but am sort of in walking sleep mode.

They never got the paperwork for the handicapped permit. At one point I decided to go home as I could not get on the wifi at McDonalds and really needed to get some work done. While I was there I grabbed the copies I made of the paperwork and took it to the office. I couldn't make a copy of the copy as the printer is at my moms so hope they don't lose it.

I also asked the nurse if they could write a letter stating that she can not live alone and they were more than happy to do that. I just received a call while typing this saying that the letter is ready and they will be mailing it today. We will see what the apt managent is willing to do.

Last time mom had chemo she began getting sick on the 2nd day after the chemo so I am planning on giving her a nauseu pill tonight and then every 12 hours for a couple of days to see if that helps any.

My brother is supposed to fly in on the 14th and my mom is REALLY looking forward to that.