Tuesday, February 8, 2011

8am Tuesday Feb 8

Good morning friends and family,

Long night. Mom has lots of fluid she tries to cough up especially when they turn her. They are turning her about every 4 hours now. Helen and I rubbed her back during the night which she likes. We think she responds when we stop as she makes the same little noise.

This is getting harder as time goes on. I cried this morning. I pray God would take her soon. I know she will not go home one second early or one second later than God planned before she was even born. God will use every second of her life, every breath she breathes. It is hard stepping back and watching and waiting, but to God be the glory.

We have met MANY families here that have lost loved ones since we came. Another man died last night around 4am.

So hard, why don't we live every day like it is our last for God's glory.

Thank you Father!! Love Keo

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