Thursday, February 3, 2011

Feb 3rd 2011

Arrival at hospice house was uneventful. Helen was able to ride with mom there. They gave her some pain meds via a liquid in the mouth and gave her some meds to calm her. Her blood pressure dropped to normal 110/80. It had been skyrocketing since her visit to the hospital on the 4th of Jan and she had been taking 320mg of Diovan since them.

The nurse told us that she thinks she will not be coming home and that she is in the stages of dying. I really don't know what she means. Yes she has cancer but was up and around and eating and doing bible study except for the blockage. Of course her GP told us that when she was released from the hospital she probably only had 3 days to live. That was a month ago.

I don't think she was there 30 minutues when her system decided to start clearning out. Problem was it continued every few min. for over 4 hours.

The dr was supposed to come in some time after 4pm but around 5:30pm I had to leave as I really needed some food and some sleep. The dr came in I believe around 6:30pm. Helen said the dr told her that the bowel is probably trying to works its way around the blockage. But they don't really know whats going on either. Helen decided to stay the night. I think I actually got to sleep around 8:30pm and woke up at 5:30am.

I am going to have my quiet time and then take some meds to the hospital and she how she did through the night. They said they are going to keep mom on small amounts of food right now. Funny as our hospice nurse said she could have anything she wanted.

One thing about being with hospice is that there is NO emphasis on solving any health issues. Their goal is comfort. It is hard to make this transition especially when you know there is an issue that might be corrected.

I am praying for wisdom!!! I know my mom wants to die at home and I want to make that happen if possible. I am SOOOO thankful that she was at hospice yesterday because we could NOT have dealt with what happened.

Thank you for ALLLLL your prayers.

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