Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday update

God is merciful!! I usually meet with a couple of wonderful sisters on Sunday morning but didn't think I would be able to today. One was not able to make it so the other came and met with Helen and I today at Hospice. WOW.

More blessings, one of the nurses the other day asked to borrow some of my moms lotion, wonderful Ulta Citrus Verbena for another patient. She came back and said the lady was so te Hankful. That gave me an idea to purchase some for the Hospice house to use with their patients. I decided to look on the internet to possible order some and found out they were clearanced for $2.99. They were $3.99 the other day. They didn't have that many choices on the internet so I decided to run up to Ulta here in Palm Bay. I spoke with the manager and she gave me a number to call Ulta to see if they would donate some but I purchased several to bring back. The manager said they had just marked them down to $2.99 today.

The Dr. came in this morning and said that mom was getting closer to her last days. He also said that he thought on Thursday after her bowels had emptied that maybe should would be able to come home but after her transition knew it wouldn't happen. This is the same thing that we thought so it was nice to be on the same page. He said as she gets closer that she might get more aggitated and we should watch to see if she needs more pain meds.

GOD IS MERCIFUL. He is using this time to touch soooo many lives. We have been able to also talk and share lives with others who are here with their husbands, wifes, fathers and mothers.

Thanks for your continued prayers and lifting us up to the Lord. Also for those wonderful friends and church family who have been brining us food for our physical bodies.

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  1. Wish I could be there to help but I have been praying continuously and asking even those that don't know you to pray. I thank God that He knows who we are praying for even when we don't. I'm so glad you continue to lean on Him and that He is your rock and comfort. God bless your mom and may she be comfortable and her fears relieved during this time. Love you guys. Debbie